Start wearing purple.

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C: What do you think of the name Percy? M: I think of a guy that, like, be a rapist. Of underage boys. I think of a child rapist.

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Skyping With My Sis C

C: Do you have a beak on?

Me: What?

C: A beak? Do you have a beak on?

Me: What are you talking about? What do you mean beak?

C: Like a bird’s beak.

Me: That’s what I thought you meant but it makes no sense.

C: When you moved, it looked like your glasses had purple lenses and a red rim and there was a beak on them.

Me: I don;t know what you’re smoking.

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Can’t remember when this was said

Mom: The cowboy looks like Woody from Toy Story.

Sister C: Who’s Woody’s best friend besides Andy?

Mom: I don’t know who Andy is.

C: The kid that owns him.

Mom: Oh. Well I don’t know Woody’s best friend.

C: It’s Buzz Lightyear of course.

Mom: They’re in the same movie together?

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